Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations


Bursa Securities Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Company No. 635998-W)
Deed The Trust Deed dated 5 October 2006 constituting Hektar REIT executed between the Trustee and the Manager
DPU Distribution per Unit
Financial Year or FYE The financial year ended or ending 31 December
GAV Gross Asset Value
Gross Revenue Gross rental income and other income earned from the properties including license fees, car park income, utilities and miscellaneous income
Hektar REIT / the Trust Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust
IPO Initial Public Offering. Hektar REIT's IPO was completed on 4 December 2006
Manager Hektar Asset Management Sdn Bhd (Company No. 732261-T), being the management company of Hektar REIT
MER Management Expense Ratio
NAV Net Asset Value
NLA / Net Lettable Area Consists of the total gross floor area less the common areas, such as corridors, amenities area and management offices of the building
NPI Net Property Income
NTA Net Tangible Assets
OMV Open Market Value
Property Manager Hektar Property Services Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 868376-K)
PTR Portfolio Turnover Ratio
REIT(s) Real Estate Investment Trust(s)
RM and sen Ringgit Malaysia and sen, respectively
SC Securities Commission Malaysia
SC Guidelines on REITs Guidelines on Real Estate Investment Trusts issued by the SC in August 2008 and any subsequent amendments or updates thereof
SCA Securities Commission Act, 1993
Share Registrar Mega Corporate Sdn Bhd (Company No. 187984-H)
Sq. ft. Square feet
Step-Up Rent Provision Specified in tenancy agreement as a pre-determined increase in rent at defined intervals during a tenancy agreement, typically each year. Forms the base rent of any tenancy agreement
Trustee AmTrustee Berhad (Company No. 163032-V) being the trustee of Hektar REIT
Turnover Rent Provision Rent calculated as a proportion of annual turnover of the tenant's business. For Hektar REIT, Turnover Rent is paid to the REIT if it exceeds the base rent specified in the tenancy agreement on an annual basis
Unit(s) Undivided interest(s) in Hektar REIT as constituted by the Deed
Unitholder(s) Holder(s) of the Units