What if you didn't receive your distribution payment

Please ensure you were a unitholder at the time of the ex-dividend date. As a standard practice, we request if you could allow 7 working days for postal delivery (in Malaysia) of the cheque after the distribution payment date.

If you have not received your cheque payment by that time, we request that you contact us via our distribution enquiry form. Alternatively, you may fax us a downloadable copy of the form which may be faxed to our office.

Current distribution

Quarter Final Quarter 2017 (FY17)
Distribution Period 1 September 2017 - 31 December 2017
Distribution per unit (DPU) 3.30 sen
Notice of entitlement 12 March 2018
Ex-dividend 26 February 2018
Book closure 28 March 2018
Distribution payment 15 March 2018

Distribution enquiries

Based on this enquiry, in the event that a distribution cheque has been considered lost or not delivered after 7 working days from the distribution date, the original cheque will be cancelled and a replacement cheque will be issued. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. Thank you for your patience and consideration.


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For more information on the current and past distribution details, visit our dividends information.