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Hektar REIT (“the REIT”) is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in the conduct of its business and operations. With this in mind Hektar REIT has developed a Whistle-blowing policy (“the Policy”) to enable employees and any other persons to report instances of unethical behavior, actual or suspected fraud and/or abuse within the Company.

The Policy facilitates an open and transparent corporate culture within the organisation, promoting accountability and enabling the REIT to respond nimbly to changes in environment. It also serves to encourage and to provide an alternative means for employees and any other persons (“Reporting Persons”) to raise a concern outside the normal reporting channels. Such good faith reporting must not be made recklessly, maliciously, and/or for personal gain.

Any Reporting Person(s) who has a reasonable belief that there is misconduct, actual or suspected, in respect of the matters mentioned above, and wishes to alert the Company should do so at :-

Telephone Number : 016-9552543 and 016-4085974


submit your report via the Whistle-Blowing report form below

Management of Hektar Asset Manager Sdn. Bhd., the manager of Hektar REIT will protect the identity of the Reporting Person(s) who made the report in good faith. Such information will be held to the extent legally permissible and reasonably practicable, in the strictest confidence, both by Hektar Group and the Reporting Person(s) who made the report in good faith.

Management will not tolerate harassment or victimization of any Reporting Person, and will ensure that such individual who makes a disclosure in good faith :-

a)          will not be penalized or will not suffer any adverse treatment for doing so; and

b)          will be protected to ensure that the individual is not personally disadvantaged in the organisation by having made the report, including, if necessary, filing an appeal to the Audit Committee.

Any individual who makes a report recklessly without having reasonable grounds for believing the matter to be substantially true, or makes a report for purposes of personal gain or maliciously, may be subjected to appropriate action(s) by the Management.

Whistle-blowing report form

Full name



(1) For employees only


History of the concern(s) giving names, dates, places, relationship or interest in connection with the concern(s), and other relevant details and information, where possible.

Reason for concern(s)


ID / Passport No.

Contact No.




* Required information


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