The Nomination Committee oversees matters relating to the nomination of new Directors, annually reviews the required mix of skills, experience, assessment of Independent Directors’, reviews succession plans and Board diversity; oversees training courses for Directors and other requisite qualities of Directors, as well as the annual assessment of the effectiveness of the Board as a whole, its Committees and the contribution of each individual Director.


The functions of the Nomination Committee are as follows:

  • identify and recommend candidates to the Board based on their skills, knowledge and experience, professionalism and integrity. In the case of Independent Non-Executive Directors (“INEDs”), the Committee shall evaluate the candidate’s ability to discharge such responsibilities as expected from INEDs;
  • assess on an annual basis, the effectiveness of the Board as a whole and its Board Committees, in light of the needs of the Manager and the REIT and its operating environment;
  • assess on an annual basis, the contribution of each individual Director;
  • conduct a training needs analysis and recommend a continuous education program for Board members to enhance their effectiveness;
  • conduct an orientation/induction training for new Directors of the Manager;
  • work together with the Board to develop an effective development and succession plan for Directors and Management members; and
  • collaborate to share the results of the Directors assessment with the Board for effective determination and deliberation of Directors’ remuneration packages.

Committee members

The Nomination Committee comprising all Independent Director’s namely Encik Mahusni bin Hasnan as Chairman, Mr. Philip Eng Heng Nee and Cik Rahanawati binti Ali Dawam.


The Nomination Committee meets at least once a year.